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Faster integration, deployments, and management for your work projects.
Get buy-ins from architects, purchasers, and accountants with deep AWS integrations.

Features and integrations

Deep integration for AWS @ Work

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AWS Private Link ready

Secure, no-egress networking from yours to ours. Available on custom Enterprise plans.

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Any-time subscription management via AWS Console’s Marketplace Dashboard.

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Unified Billing

Complete transparency in billing and metering. Use AWS Cost Explorer to keep a tab on costs.

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AWS Standard Contract

Fast approvals from Legal and Sourcing. No red lines, no email ping pong.

“Fastah API was straightforward to integrate and has been reliable since. We have measured its
accuracy against known locations and found it to be amazingly accurate.”


Chief Technology Officer

"This service can satisfy our user case. And performance is good. Error rate is very low. Great work! Response time is low.


Senior Software Engineer

Fastah IP-data Scenarios - Better with AWS

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Financial Services, Banking & Insurance

Reduce fraud by geolocating users in real time.

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AWS for Edge and CDNs

Route users to the nearest datacenter in milliseconds.

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Cyber Security

Enrich log events for SIEM with geographical attributes.

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