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API for IP-based geolocation, security, and personalization

Fastah™ API for IP Geolocation is designed for the modern cloud.

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AWS- and Azure-first

Deeply integrated with trusted cloud workflows and tools

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Honest & Transparent

Easy tabs on API consumption, success rates, and latencies

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Low-latency 10s of milliseconds response time, even with peak loads

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Exhaustive coverage

Mobile, fixed & satellite internet, we got them all. IPv6 too. Updated daily with no fuss.

Unopinionated, performant

 curl -s \
    -X GET "https://ep.api.getfastah.com/whereis/v1/json/auto" \
    -H "Fastah-Key: 638eec4613e64929aa0a4d7505b6d8cb" | jq .

“Fastah API was straightforward to integrate and has been reliable since. We have measured its
accuracy against known locations and found it to be amazingly accurate.”


Chief Technology Officer

"This service can satisfy our user case. And performance is good. Error rate is very low. Great work! Response time is low.


Senior Software Engineer

Use cases you can build.

Who’d have thought a boring data point like IP Geolocation can do so many versatile things? Without pestering customers too!

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Security & Compliance

Solve security and compliance issues with IP geolocation.

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User Experience

Improve the user experience for the end- customer.

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Content Delivery

Deliver region-specific content to your users.

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