A women engineer gets her job done with Fastah API while making her workplace bureaucracy go faster than you would expect from tortoise.

IP Location & Security,
faster than

Low-latency API built for the cloud


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Fastah™ is trusted by the cloud native

IP Geolocation & Security API built for AWS and Microsoft Azure

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AWS- and Azure- native

Available on both Cloud Marketplaces, and integrates deeply within cloud consoles, architecture guidelines, billing, approval, and invoicing processes.

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Always-fresh data

Rotating MMDB files and SQL dumps? Fastah™ scans the internet for millions of IPs automatically every day, and distills metadata into actionable API responses.
Did Elon add new countries to Starlink? We got 'em covered!

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Transparent Billing

Always-on access to API consumption using Fastah's Developer Portal.
More importantly, all consumption shows up on AWS's Cost Explorer and Azure's Saas Subscriptions blade.

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Fanatical Support

Get no-nonsense, yet thoughtful responses to your support emails. Engineer to Engineer. We hate bots too.  

The fastest
IP metadata API
for serious projects

Use Fastah™ API to build personalized experiences, reduce transaction fraud, geo-fence services. Support mobile, broadband, and satellite internet users worldwide. All within the comfort of the AWS and Azure ecosystems you use at work.

Unopinionated, performant

No-fuss JSON response
Bring your favourite language
Helpful documentation
Constant low-latency performance
Fanatical Fastah™ support

Use cases you can build

Learn about how to integrate Fastah API in our extensive documentation

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Security & Compliance

For Financial services organization or Online Sellers who wish to reduce transaction risks, or pass regulatory requirements; use our IP data to risk-label retail transactions based on their geographical origin and more.

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User Experience & Personalization

Built higher-conversation eCommerce landing sites, country-and city-optimized pages, and default the right localization attributes on each page load. All without waiting for the users.

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Content Delivery

Route requests within milliseconds to the geographically nearest POP or edge node for the fastest user experience

“Fastah API was straightforward to integrate and has been reliable since.
We have measured the accuracy against known IP locations and found it to be amazingly accurate.
With other APIs, many rural places can be way off; Fastah API does a great job even in these geographies.
We have also measured performance and found it to be excellent for our scenarios. All in all, we have a had an excellent experience with Fastah API

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