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Dispatch & Delivery

Smartphone Uptime is critical for


Food Delivery


On-Demand Delivery

identify dead zones

Detect 4G dead zones in areas that are high demand hotspots

design for peak Hours

Localised network congestion during peak hours, is a problem at commercial and transit hubs

Get Outage Alerts

Let your front-line staff manage customer expectations by monitoring critical hubs for network failures

simplify network handling

Growing startups need not spend valuable dev time optimising their app for highly volatile mobile network conditions


Fastah increases supply-side availability
and consumer ease-of-use

Just like Google Maps for Traffic allows you to predict and work around traffic bottlenecks, Fastah's maps and API allow you to increase network uptime by 20%

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Network Indicator

During peak hours, the number of signal bars are a poor proxy for internet quality. Fastah's SDK helps tell them apart.

Empower your users with their real-time network status.
Make them aware of dead-zones and localised network congestion, that occurs at peak hours.

Example user journeys for a bike-sharing service:
- Starting a ride
- Ending a ride
- Finding the nearest dock

SMS/Email Alerts

Managing multiple cities, thousands of partners on the road, tens of thousands of users and keeping them all connected in unknown network conditions is no mean feat.

Keep your field operations team informed of network outages.

Out-of-the-Box Deployment

Use our API to simplify messy last-mile networks. Let your in-house engineering teams focus on product and growth.

Fastah's APIs let your team build network-ready apps in no time.

Our APIs play well with any software stack and auto-scale to meet your growing product’s needs.

be prepared

Network quality changes from place to place, and hour to hour.

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