A smarter internet, for people and things

Fastah builds developer-friendly APIs that allow businesses to optimize user experience for user location as well as low-latency internet connectivity.

Fastah's expertise lies in a founding team with a strong DNA in high-performance networking, software engineering, open source communities , and consumer understanding.

  • Consumer interviews: We talk to potential users of our software about their pain points. We test our assumptions with them.
  • Think long term: We hope to build software products that are both grounded in consumer needs as well as based on a vision of a better mobile internet.
  • Engineering excellence: Our software and infrastructure is designed and built to give our users a high quality-of-service.
  • Operating quality: We take privacy and trust very seriously. We aim to please with our customer service.

The Team

Siddharth MathuR

CEO & Founder
Builder of software performance APIs and strong product teams. Previously built WebKit open-source web at Nokia Boston. Armchair economist. Dad of 2.

Raghu Alvandar

Director of Sales
Product Operations and
Business Development for Fastah API. User research for Fastah's consumer app. Previously, engineering at Nokia, enterprise sales at Wipro.


Consultant - User Experience
Design for Fastah's web, mobile app, and map interfaces. Data viz and front-end development.


Software Engineer
Engineering and software architecture, data pipelines, and data visualization.



Data Scientist